Boerne Bushmasters Outdoor Survival


I am Jerry Davis, and I thrive in the wilderness.  I grew up in the forest.  The woods became my place of solace when things were unpleasant at home.  I found peace and security in the woods, and became part of it.

Safer In The Wilderness

You, your wife and/or children are safer in the wilderness than in the city.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Crime and accidents are very rare in the wilderness.  A woman is safer going for a week backpacking adventure alone and unarmed than she is walking around a single city block.

Every day people suffer greatly in cities, while a month or more can go by before a significant injury or crime happens in any North American wilderness.  So safety is built into the outdoor experience and outdoor life.

If you want some training, or if you just want to get away for a few days and spend some time in the wilderness, contact us.  We train small groups of men and women, and small groups of boys as young as 10.  Any younger than age 10 and they tend to forget training too quickly.

Special Training

If you want some special training, please call.  “Special” means a lot of things, so if we cannot teach it ti expert proficiency, we will find a trainer who can do that for you.

Small Teams or Individual Training

We train groups of eight or less, and we will train you individually if you want that.  We also travel for training when it is appropriate.  Although the hill country offers nearly everything, high elevation training can only be gained by driving or flying to New Mexico.

General List of Training Offered

  • Fire Building
  • Shelter Construction
  • Knife Handling
  • Cooking
  • Water Purification
  • Safety and First-Aid
  • Land Navigation Using A Compass, the Sun, Terrain and Landmarks
  • Snares
  • Backpack Organization
  • Clothing
  • Pest Control
  • Snake Identification
  • Cover and Concealment
  • Radio Communication
  • More